About us

We celebrate 60 years of Alpenflug!

Flying has fascinated mankind from the very beginning. Floating weightlessly in the air and simply being able to relax
- a fascination all of its own.

The special thing about a sightseeing flight is that you can explore the landscape from a whole new perspective - not comparable to the limited view from an airliner. It's not about getting to the next destination the fastest way, but enjoying the view and creating great memories of a fantastic sightseeing flight.

Our goal is, and always has been, to offer our customers a unique and unforgettable experience. Thus, Alpenflug was founded in 1960 by four enthusiastic Zellers to bring the dream of flying a little closer to people. This also makes the company one of the first sightseeing flight companies in Austria. Since that time, around 62,000 passengers have been transported and around 35,000 flying hours have been completed. Aircraft maintenance and pilot training are very important to us, which is why we employ only professional pilots - because your safety is our top priority. So naturally we are particularly proud of the accident-free operation over all these years.

In 2019, Alpenflug GmbH was newly acquired and now has another partner, Salzburg Jet Aviation GmbH, at its side. Salzburg Jet Aviation is active in the field of business aviation and now also allows us to offer our customers a very special experience: with the private jet to the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

Do you have any further questions? We are at your disposal.

Our plane

Piper PA-32-301 Saratoga  
Type of propulsion 1 piston engine
power 300 hp / 221 kW
max. speed 365 km/h
cruising speed 240 km/h
range 1.756 km
length 8,50 m
height 2,90 m
passengers 5 persons
max. flight altitude 4,000 m